Goudron Mural and Capsule Collection in Marseille

Mural painting in Goudron Store in Marseille and illustration for five T-shirts capsule collection release. Thanks Pebeo for the painting, thanks Mélanie for the window displays, thanks Garth and Seb from Goudron for the good time.

Tags: Acrylic, Apple, Art, Art Contemporary, Boutique, Bruloir, Capsule Collection, Contemporary art, Drawing, Garth, Goudron, Goudron Store, I see faces, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Illustration, Imac, L'atelier brune, Lemondejade, Ludovilk Myers, Marseille, Mat Pub, Melanie, Mucem, Mural, Musée, Museum, New Balance, Otto, Oyster, Painting, Pebeo, Prints, Protection Pack, Release, Rimowa, Riso, Risograph, Rolex, Rue Montgrand, Screenprint, Seb, Serigraphie, Shop, Silkscreen, Skate The Wall, Sold Out, Store, Street Art, Street photo, Submariner, T-shirts, Wall

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